Better Medical

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Who We Represent:

Nurse Call Products, Pillow Speakers & Replacement Parts, Fall Monitors, Bed Products, & Television Products

Anesthesia & Respiratory Care Products

Cylinder Carts, & Stands / Braces & Parts

C.R. Bard                                             visit our website: CLICK HERE

Mallinckrodt, Nellcor, Puritan, Bennett
Respiratory and Monitoring Solutions

Gentech Genstar Technologies
Suction Regulators, Flowmeters, Aluminum Oxygen Cylinders 

Flotec Inc.

Flowmeters, Regulators, Blenders, Gas Fittings, Mass Casuality, Fire Fighter Rehab Systems

Fordian Packaging LTD
Specialty Packaging, Patient bag, Specimen Bag, Bio-Hazard Bag

IV, Oncology and Hematology Products

Marpac, Inc.
ET Adhesive Tape, Pediatric & Adult Tracheotomy Collars       Visit our website:  CLICK HERE                          

McKESSON Medical Surgical

Air, Oxygen, Vacuum, Nitrous Oxide, Connectors, & Couplers

IV Start, Dressing Change, Wound Care, Cathiter / Irrigation,
Sterile Solutions, Trach Care, Pandemic / Staff Protection,
Admission Kits



MEDLINE Industries
Custom Sterile and Non-Sterile Kits, Isolation Gowns,
Health Care Products

Micro-Direct, Inc.
Spirometers, Filters, Mouthpieces, Carbon Monoxide Monitoring 

Parker Laboratories
Ultrasound Gel, Probe Covers, Electromedical Products

Vacuum Regulators, Air & Oxygen Flow meters, Oxygen Regulators & Accessories

Ultrasound Probe Covers & Kits

IV and Airway Management Products, Medfusion, Level 1, Medex, Portex, and Jelco

Respiratory, Intubation, Airways, and Laryngoscope Products


Hudson RCI, Rusch, and Arrow Medical

Hudson RCI
Masks, Cannulas, Tubing, Nebulizers, Humidification, HME's, HCH's, Filters, Ventilator Circuits & Accessories, Anesthesia Circuits & Accessories, Airway Management, Adapters & Micellaneous

Fetal Cables, EKG/ECG Cables, SP02 Products, and Exceptional OEM Repair

Airway Management Products

Auto-disposable respiratory devices

DAPA # SPO-08-H-0032

DBPA # SPM200-10-A-8685